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Skid Steer Rotary Tiller


FMA Series

Light-Duty Chain-Drive Tillers

13 - 20 PTO HP

The FMA Chain-Drive Tiller is suitable for tractors from 13 to 25 horsepower with a category 1 hitch. The FMA models are...


UL Series 

Light-Duty Gear-Drive Tillers

20 - 40 PTO HP

The UL Rotary Tiller is suitable for tractors from 20 to 40 horsepower with a category 1 hitch. The UL models are light-duty and...


UM Series 

Medium-Duty Gear-Drive Tillers

25 - 50 PTO HP

The UM Rotary Tiller is medium-duty and dependable, able to work demanding soils like vineyards or orchards. These tillers...


UH Series 

Heavy-Duty Rotary Tillers

50 - 65 PTO HP

The UH series is suitable for tractors from 50 to 65 hp with a category 2 hitch. The UH models are heavy-duty and...


VH Series 

Extreme-Duty Gear-Drive Tillers

75 - 125 PTO HP

The VH series is a suitable for tractors from 75 to 125 horsepower with category 2 or 3 hitch. The VH models are now...

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