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8100 Series

Spike Aerator Attachment

Our full line of eight spike aerators, ranging from 48” to 84” in width, provides your operation with the right size tool to suit the plot of land being aerated. Spike aerators, over plug aerators, have a less aggressive impact on the lawn and can be used throughout the year.

The 8100 effectively perforates the ground to better accept air, sunlight, water, and nutrients into the soil. Each aerator spike is approximately 2-3/4 long and 2’ wide at maximum depth. The depth and width of the hole can be controlled in three ways: by using just the weight of the aerator frame, by adding water to the 12-inch drum, and/or by stacking 16-inch blocks on top of the frame. Models are available with a 3-point Category 1 hitch.

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Product Family8100 Series
Description4' Spike Aerator
Working Width48"
Product Family8100 Series
Description5' Spike Aerator
Working Width60"
Product Family8100 Series
Description6' Spike Aerator
Working Width72"
Product Family8100 Series
Description7' Spike Aerator
Working Width84"

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