3-Point Tractor


QH Series

Quick Hitch Adapter Attachment

Our Cat 1 Quick Hitch adapter makes your day more efficient by being able to quickly switch from one attachment to another. Reduce attachment or release time to seconds versus minutes with this quick hitch system. Recommended for tractors of 50 horsepower or less with Cat 1 hitches.

Works with all Cat 1 IronCraft products, including PTO driven attachments. The quick hitch comes with a set of adapter bushing to properly connect attachments to the hitch. Locking handles are aspiring loaded keeping the attachment securely fastened to the adapter. Top link height is adjustable, if necessary, to accommodate a wide variety of attachments.

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Product FamilyQH Series
DescriptionCat 1 Quick Hitch
Dimensions30" x 8" x 24"

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