3-Point Tractor


20 - 40 Engine HP

7100 Series Angle Frame Harrow

These Angle Frame Disc Harrows are our basic disc harrow, best suited for residential landscaping, small gardens, nurseries, hobby farms, and wild game food plots. They are designed to open and break up the soil surface for prepping seedbeds for planting. They are available in 48” and 60” cutting widths. They feature notched discs which easily break up and redistribute cultivated topsoil, and are designed for a Category I quick hitch. We offer two different models designed for tractors ranging from 20 to 40 hp.

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Product Family7100 Series
Description4' Angle Frame Disc Harrow
HP Required20 - 30
Working Width48"
# of Disc Blades12
Disc Blade Size16"
Disc Blade Spacing7-1/2"
Product Family7100 Series
Description5' Angle Frame Disc Harrow
HP Required25 - 40
Working Width60"
# of Disc Blades16
Disc Blade Size16"
Disc Blade Spacing7-1/2"

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