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Skid Steer & Loader


48” Cyclone

Rotary Clearing Mower

The 48” excavator rotary clearing mower is ideal for serious land clearing applications, capable of taking out 6”-10” trees depending on the model. The design and material quality allows for a lightweight construction to optimize machine stability without sacrificing blade speed and cut capacity. This mower clears land very efficiently and leaves a coarse finish.

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Product FamilyRotary Clearing Mower
Product48” Cyclone
Max Pressure (PSI)3,500 PSI
RPM1,300-1,600 RPM
# of Blades2
Overall Width54"
Weight685 lbs.
Cutting Capacity6"
Blade Carrier Weight68 lbs.
Blade Life Expectancy250 hrs. NO ROCKS
Blade MaterialForged Steel Blades
Blade Weight9 lbs.
Cut Width48"
Cutting Tip Speed20,100 ft/min
Drive TypeDirect Drive Hub
Flow Requirements12-45 GPM
Housing MaterialA572 Grade 50 Steel
Housing Thickness1/4 SHROUD / 3/8" REINFORCED"
Minimum Cut Height2"
Overall Height21" (Without Mount)
Recommended MaterialHard Brush - Medium Trees - Grass - Brambles

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Machine Width: N/A
Machine Height: N/A
Machine Length: N/A
Wheelbase: N/A
Operating Weight: N/A
Tipping Load: N/A
Operating Capacity: N/A
Operating Capacity (50%): N/A
Hydraulic Horsepower (Standard Flow): N/A
Hydraulic Horsepower (High Flow): N/A

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